Pittsburgh’s Mediterra Bakehouse: A new JPC Event Group Local Partner!

At JPC Event Group, we are always looking for ways to bring MORE to the table. We want our clients and their guests to walk away from their wedding or event with the absolute best experience they could have had! Our team is committed to offering patrons truly high quality experiences with a dedication to farm to table, green, and sustainable formats.

The Savor Sustainable Catering division of JPC Event Group is passionate about food. From the farm to your fête, quality local and seasonal ingredients are customized into imaginative menus, unique to each and every client we serve. From five course five-star formal dinners to rustic gourmet barbecues, we bring the best Pittsburgh area farms to your fork with creative catering flair. Savor has something for every taste, and our unique and creative displays fit any theme. For this very reason, we just love when we find LOCAL companies to pair up with!


This year, we are joining with Mediterra Bakehouse to make your catering experience better than ever– starting with your bread!

bread 8

Mediterra Bakehouse is founded on the principles of the Artisan Baker. Millennial-trusted knowledge, combined with the finest ingredients, time-intensive processes, and a passion to produce the finest bread infuse in every handmade loaf that emerges from their custom-built, stone-hearth, steam-injected ovens. Mediterra Bread is infused with flavors that lingers long after the loaf is gone.

“Less is more,” says Mediterra Bakehouse. The ingredients to creating the finest bread are few. For the most part, flour, water and salt are they use. Their flours are unbleached and unbromated—and many are organic. Along with that, their water is filtered and they only use sea salt. “There are no shortcuts to greatness.” Unlike many companies, Mediterra adheres to centuries-old baking techniques, letting their bread develop slowly to get the complex flavor! Yum!

bread 7

bread 4

Loafs, pastries, cookies, scones, muffins, danishes, brownies, croissants and so much more– Mediterra Bakehouse has tons of fresh, delicious choices always leaving you wanting more! This past weekend, we debuted Mediterra’s bread at it’s first wedding, and our client and guests were more than impressed. The quality of the bread is outstanding, and the taste is even better!

Mediterra Bakehouse is located all over the country and we sure know why! Not only does their website provide real pictures of their products, {making your mouth water in no time,} but they also provide a detailed description, ingredients and the nutrients. This makes it easy to decide what you need to best suit your client or their guests, always taking allergies and dietary needs into consideration.

bread 6

We cannot wait for more of our guests to experience the Mediterra Bakehouse experience as our wedding season continues! For more information on the company, or to purchase some sweet treats or fresh bread, make sure to check out their website!


JPC Event Group & Savor Fresh Catering

{Images Provided by Mediterra Bakehouse.}


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